Essential Gardening Tools


As a lifelong gardener, I appreciate high performing, long lasting tools. I’ve used most of the items here for years. For some that may mean more expense upfront but the benefit has been long term. These would be investment tools that will likely last a lifetime. Included here are others that I’ve discovered more recently. I’m always open to try newer, improved versions. So, I’ve added these to my essential tools, also.  

Any of these would make amazing gifts and you may need some for yourself.

CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator was developed by seasoned gardeners. The hand cultivator makes furrows, lifts out roots and weeds, and digs holes with a tempered steel blade. I’ve used this for years. The CobraHead long-handled cultivator with an angled blade, uniquely allows weeding while standing.  Lifelong tools that are American made.

I appreciate multi-use garden tools and have used a Stainless Steel Soil Scoop for a long time. No worries about this trowel rusting. It is designed to dig, weed, scoop and trench. With a soft grip handle, it reduces hand fatigued. An engraved ruler is an added benefit to gauge planting depth. Another essential and long-lasting garden tool.

Felco Pruning Shears F6 are Swiss made pruning clippers for a lifetime. All components of this premium pruner can be replaced. There is a Felco size for every hand, so find your size. Mine are F6. There is also a style available for left-handed gardeners.

Vivo Sun Gardening Scissors are for hand pruning to deadhead and do light trimming. Sharp, stainless steel blades cut precisely. The comfortable, ergonomic grip is easy on the hand. Inexpensive, but essential.

The AM Leonard Classic Soil Knife is similar to a Hori Hori knife. It is a 3-in-1 garden tool with a 6-inch stainless steel blade that has a lot of heft for lifting rocks, weeds, planting, dividing and cutting. The handle is designed to keep fingers safe. The sheath makes it convenient for a belt or to safely store in a tool bag.  It offers a lifetime warranty, too.  

A RazorTOOTH Folding Saw by Corona was recommended to me by an arborist, the tree specialists. I don’t know how I would garden without it to prune small trees, shrubs and some roses. The blade cuts through up to 6-inch plant material. It also locks and folds to keep it safely tucked away.

Burpee Garden Tool Bag keeps tools organized and handy. For generations, Burpee has delivered the highest quality garden products. For this bag, they choose waterproof, waxed canvas, the standard of durability for outdoor use that makes this a gardener’s garden bag. There are 8 outer pockets with support bands to keep tools in place. With a lined interior, the bag’s synthetic bottom also blocks moisture and dirt. Olive green, with black trim and a twill shoulder strap makes this a smart looking bag that will last.

A small rake is easy to use and handy. The Corona 8 Inch Shrub Rake is one that I think a gardener needs. The size is perfect to get under and between shrubs, perennials and roses. The tines are rigid and sturdy enough to move soil, yet the rake is still lightweight. 

This EZ Expandable Rake has a telescoping handle. The aluminum alloy, adjustable fan can fit narrow spaces. Although not heavy duty, it fills the need to rake medium sized areas in flower beds or around patios and walkways. I like the easy grip tip on the handle, too.  

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