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I’ve been in a garden since the time I could walk, so have some idea of what garden tools and accessories are essential to garden. But, here’s the thing, there are new and improved tools all the time. I love to discover them. The tools I’ve included in this “Best Gifts for Gardeners” are what I consider essential. You will see that I put some gardening books at the top of the list. I think these are “must haves” for Texas gardeners. There are some more really good ones that I will share later. I know this is a digital world and one can quickly search and find information. But as an Extension horticulturist, science-based information was exclusively given to my clients. In years of searching, I identified the experts and publications that met that criteria. This list is a collection of a few of my favorites.

There are more essential garden gadgets and accoutrements, too many to include here. At another time, I’ll share more tools, but for now these are the essentials of the essentials. I’ve thrown in a couple of pretty and fun items, too.

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What to give someone who likes gardening

Heirloom Gardening in the South

My friends, Bill and Greg  are passionate about heritage gardening. They know as much about the tough and adapted, tried and true plants grown in Southern gardens as anyone I know. They refer to these plants as “living antiques, passed through generations” that are the foundation of today’s gardens. I use this book, Heirloom Gardening in the South, constantly.

Doug Welsh's Texas Garden Almanac​

Doug Welsh’s Texas Garden Almanac is a month-by-month guide for Texas gardeners. If you have a yard to take care of, this is your book. It includes the essentials for lawns, trees, watering, vegetables, flowers and more. It has basic information for the inexperienced, which the author fondly calls “yardeners”. Yet, the book includes enough details for a green thumb gardener. An award-winning book that every Texas gardener needs, in my opinion.

Texas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening by Greg Grant

Texas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening by Greg Grant includes over 60 fruits, vegetables and herbs with growing and harvesting information specific to Texas. Greg is an award-winning horticulturist, conservationist and seventh generation Texan. His humor will keep you entertained and because he has been gardening since he was “knee high to a grasshopper” he speaks from vast experience.  

Butterfly Gardening for Texas

In Butterfly Gardening for Texas, author and native plant expert Geyata Ajilvsgi shares a wealth of practical information about all kinds of butterflies and the many flowers and other plants they utilize in their miraculous life cycle: from hidden egg to munching caterpillar to cryptic chrysalis to nectar-sipping, winged adult. If you want to grow a butterfly or pollinator garden in Texas, this is your book.


No-Bite-Me Bug Repellent

No-Bite-Me is an all natural bug and insect repellent that actually smells good and works. I’ve tried so many because Texas has lots of bugs, especially mosquitoes. This is the best one I’ve found. Great stocking stuffer or add to a basket of goodies for your favorite gardener.  

Gift for gardener women

La Roche- Posay SPF 50 sunscreen

I discovered La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Sunscreen a couple years ago and love it. The Texas sun is hot and if you are an outdoors gal, you need this. It is a SPF 50, Ultra-Light Fluid Broad Spectrum, with Titanium Dioxide Mineral Face Sunscreen that is Oil-Free.

Gifts for green thumbs

Foxgloves Original Gardening Gloves

Many years ago, a friend gave me a pair of Foxgloves Original gardening glovesI loved them and try to keep a pair on hand. I do have lots of gloves, but Foxgloves are a favorite since they are soft, high tech sports fabric that is so durable. I especially like the long cuff style to protect my arms. Washable.


CobraHead Original Weeder

CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator was developed by seasoned gardeners. The hand cultivator makes furrows, lifts out roots and weeds, and digs holes with a tempered steel blade. I’ve used one for over 10 years. And, the CobraHead long-handled cultivator with an angled blade, allows weeding while standing. There are 3 different handle lengths. Lifelong tools and I love they are USA made.

Gardeners Supply Company Chicken wire cloche

There are lots of diggers and browsers that wreak havoc in Texas gardens. Armadillos, skunks, deer, bunnies and squirrels. This set of 3 Chicken Wire cloche is perfect for protecting tender, small plants. Made of galvanized steel, it is nice quality and weather resistant. Love mine and in fact getting another set.

Seed Saving Envelopes

Seed Saving Envelopes – A paper envelope is best for seed storage and I like this pre-printed one. Perfect for saving, sharing or gifting seeds. 100, self-sealing envelopes

Nutscene Botanical Twine

This company in Scotland has been producing twine since 1922. I can’t garden without twine and Nutscene Botanical Twine  is wonderful quality. The colored ones have all sorts of uses in crafting, gift wrapping and more.

Jardineer Soil Scoops

I appreciate multi-use garden tools and have used a soil scoop for years. This stainless steel trowel with a soft handle is designed to dig, weed, scoop, and trench. It even has an engraved ruler. This is a lifetime tool.

A.M. Leonard Deluxe Soil knife

The AM Leonard Classic Soil Knife is similar to a Hori Hori knife. This is a 3-in-1 garden tool that is so useful. A 6 inch stainless steel blade with a lot of heft for lifting rocks, weeds, planting, dividing and cutting. The handle design is perfect to keep fingers safe and the sheath makes it convenient for a belt or to safely store in a tool bag. Sometimes available in pink. Lifetime warranty, too.

*** the combo comes with the knife and the sheath***

RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

This Folding Saw by Corona was recommended to me by an arborist, the tree specialist. I don’t know how I would garden without it. The blade cuts through up to 6 inch plant material, it also locks and folds to keep it safely tucked away.

Fiskars Rake

A small rake is easy to use and so handy. The Fiskars 8 inch rake is to me, one of 3 types of rakes that a gardener needs. The size is perfect to get under and between shrubs and other plants. Lightweight and a lifetime warranty


DutchCrafters Bird Feeder

This DutchCrafters bird feeder tics all the boxes for taking care of our feathered friends in winter. American made from recycled poly, stainless hanging wire, with removable sides and a flip top for cleaning, this bird feeder is built to last.

Lechuza Maxi Cubi Metallic Self Watering Planter

I learned about Lechuza 18053 Maxi Cubi Garden Indoor and Outdoor Use, Charcoal Metallic Self Watering Planter from Neil Sperry, the godfather of Texas gardening. This is a high quality, attractive, self-watering container. Perfect for orchids and plants like African violets. Available in a number of sizes and makes an elegant gift. I have the 6x6x10 and love it.


Old World Ornaments

My Christmas ornaments are a 48 year collection of things I love, gifts and keepsakes. I have a number of the beautiful Old World hand-crafted ornaments, particularly the garden and nature ones. The cardinal Bird, the monarch Butterfly and Greenhouse ornament are exquisite and would be welcomed and memorable gifts


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