Spring Garden Refresh

by Anthonyfamilyinfo@gmail.com

In spring the pace of life just seems to speed up a bit. Schedules are a little more filled with work and play. There’s spring cleaning, gardening and just freshening up inside and outdoors. If you are looking forward to working in the garden, adding some flower pots or planting your favorite seeds, here are a few things for inspiration. Enjoy your spring, whatever your plans. 

Nothing says spring like flower filled containers. This pair is perfect for greeting guests – front door or maybe even back door guests. Self-watering is convenient or use the false bottom to plant and water yourself. Traditional design made of recycled materials, these 24 inch tall planters will make a statement. (shop here)

Nothing like a white container filled with green growing things. No planting required! Just find
your favorite plant in the size you like. Leave it in the pot and place it in this pretty lattice design
container holder. This is one of my favorite ways to use potted plants. So easy to water, just
remove the plant in its pot, water, let it drain and place it back into this pretty container.

This is my favorite seed storage container. After trying jars, shoeboxes and large envelops, I finally found ideal seed storage. Yes, it is intended for photos, but this 12x15x5 inch box with 16 cases perfectly holds about 100 packages of seeds. Easily store seeds by type or variety in a see thru case. A snap tight closure and handle makes for convenient storage and handling.

A Boot Tray made of recyclable rubber can store shoes and boots to protect floors. My garden shoes get caked with mud, so this really saves my floors. I keep it just inside the back door so all I have to do is carry it outside and rinse it off. It would also be great for pet food bowls.This rubber one is heavy enough to stay in place. 

This Dramm One Touch Water wand delivers a lot of water fast but is also adjustable to a soft flow for small plants or containers. I have these wands on every water hose and love the thumb-tip control. It makes watering so easy.

Mesh Tree Bark Protector prevents lawn equipment, particularly string trimmers from damaging trees. Also, use it to protect from deer. Young trees are especially vulnerable to trunk damage. This mesh is flexible, is easily bent or cut to fit tree trunks up to 4 inches. Trees are an investment so protect them. 

Soil Moisture meter takes the guesswork out of watering. A moisture meter is a small hydrometer that measure moisture content in soil. This is easy to use and helps prevent over or under watering.

Fiskars Non-stick Micro-Tip Pruning Snips are easy on the hand with a spring action soft grip. The very sharp tips are perfect for thinning seedlings. I have many pairs and have used them for years.

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