Spring Gardening Essentials

by Anthonyfamilyinfo@gmail.com

There are a few tools and equipment that are essential to gardening. Ones that every gardener needs, whether growing flowers, vegetables, shrubs or trees. If you are responsible for yard maintenance of your home or rental, you need some good equipment. It doesn’t take dozens of tools to garden, but of the hundreds that are available, there are a few that are “must haves”. 

Some of my gardening tools are investment pieces, ones that I consider lifetime tools. I’ve included some of those with the items I’ve gathered for this spring gardening essentials. These are of good quality and durable. 

Texas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening by Greg Grant

Texas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening by Greg Grant includes over 60 fruits, vegetables and herbs with growing and harvesting information specific to Texas. Greg is an award-winning horticulturist, conservationist and seventh generation Texan. His humor will keep you entertained and because he has been gardening since he was “knee high to a grasshopper” he speaks from vast experience.  My “go to resource for vegetable gardening.

A.M. Leonard Deluxe Soil knife

The AM Leonard Classic Soil Knife is similar to a Hori Hori knife. This is a 3-in-1 garden tool that is so useful. A 6 inch stainless steel blade with a lot of heft for lifting rocks, weeds, planting, dividing and cutting. The handle design is perfect to keep fingers safe and the sheath makes it convenient for a belt or to safely store in a tool bag. Sometimes available in pink. Lifetime warranty, too.

*** the combo comes with the knife and the sheath***

CobraHead Original Weeder

CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator was developed by seasoned gardeners. The hand cultivator makes furrows, lifts out roots and weeds, and digs holes with a tempered steel blade. I’ve used one for over 15 years. And, the CobraHead long-handled cultivator with an angled blade, allows weeding while standing. There are 3 different handle lengths. Lifelong tools and I love they are USA made.

Gardeners Supply Company Chicken wire cloche

There are lots of diggers and browsers that wreak havoc in Texas gardens. Armadillos, skunks, deer, bunnies and squirrels. I use this set of 3 Chicken Wire cloche for protecting tender, small plants. Made of galvanized steel, it is nice quality and weather resistant. Love mine and have 2 sets.

RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

This Folding Saw by Corona was recommended to me by an arborist, the tree specialist. I don’t know how I would garden without it. The blade cuts through up to 6 inch plant material, it also locks and folds to keep it safely tucked away. I use this particularly during late winter/early spring cleanup.

If you are a small space gardener, grow bags are a convenient solution. This grow bag is made of nonwoven fabric that allows roots to breath and water to drain. They are portable with durable, reinforced handles. You can reuse this bag that  in the 7 gallon size works well for growing individual tomatoes, squash, peppers or eggplant. 5 per pak of the 7 gallon size.

Some seeds germinate at fairly specific soil temperature. Take the guess work out of seed planting. Use this soil thermometer to precisely measure temperature and improve seed germination rate. Easy to read green, yellow and red markings. The 5-inch stainless steel stem penetrates soil to the perfect depth for measuring.

Loppers are larger than hand pruners and are used for pruning larger plant material – shrubs and trees. This Corona set is strong, versatile and heavy weight. It is my favorite style of loppers with extendable handles and a bumper guard. They are rated to cut up to 1 ¾ inch branches. Anything larger, requires a pruning saw. These making pruning so easy, especially because of the extendable – favorite feature. 

This compact cordless blower is my new favorite tool. It is lightweight  enough for me to use and perfect to clean the patio, pool deck or sidewalk. No cords or gasoline to worry with – hooray!  Just keep the battery charged, then blow and go. It has 3 speeds and makes clean up quick and easy.

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